Sports Massage
Scientific manipulation and assessment of soft tissue, restoring mobility and helping to prevent injuries.£27£35£42
General Massage
This massage promotes total relaxation, which not only feels great, but also maintains and stimulates the body's systems, revitalising the whole body.£27£35£42
Stress Relief Massage
By working on the area closest to the spine we are able to influence the central nervous system accessing the whole body, thereby inducing a deep relaxation from head to toe.£27£35£42
A reflexology treatment is an easy and pleasant way of helping the body relax. It involves working with the thumbs and fingers on reflex areas that are found in the hands and feet.£35
Hopi Ear Treatment
(advance bookings only)
This treatment may help relieve headaches and migraines, sinusitis and stress related
problems and will aid the removal of excessive ear wax.
For information call Helen on 07901 826383