Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

New course starting 6th June 2021. The heavily discounted price of £750 only applies to this course. For further courses the full price will apply.

For further information please contact Helen on 07901 826383.

This VTCT Level 4 certificate in Sports Massage Therapy is focused towards those seeking to gain employment as a sports massage therapist providing sports massage to prevent and manage injury.

As a graduate of this qualification you will be able to gain employment as a level 4 sports massage practitioner, providing a range of advanced sports massage techniques for non-acute injuries and pre existing conditions.


After gaining this qualification you will be able to progress onto the level 5 certificate in sports massage which will build upon the skills, knowledge and understanding you have gained during your level 4.

Syllabus & pre-course requirements

Along your learning journey you will cover:

  • Conducting subjective and objective assessment
  • Provide sports massage techniques to prevent and manage injury
  • Treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair

You must have completed the level 3 qualification before commencing the level 4.

Your classroom learning will focus mainly on the practical skills assessing the client for treatment, advanced sports massage techniques and Aftercare advice.

Case studies & research to be completed outside of classroom hours.

Duration: The course is expected to be completed by End September 2021.

Cost: £1200.00